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Our Services

Our services and facilities provide complete care for all small animals

To help us give your pet the very best in clinical care your Millburn Veterinary Practice is equipped with the following facilities:

  • 24 hour emergency service. Simply call 02870344842 for instructions.
  • In-house operating suite for neutering, soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.
  • Anaesthesia tailored to the individual animals needs.
  • ECG, blood pressure and C02 mointoring during procedures.
  • X-ray, ultrasound and contrast diagnostic imaging available daily with referral cardiology and endoscopic examination by specialist appointment.
  • Separate hospital wards and isolation unit. Cats, dogs and small furries all separate for a stress free recuperation.
  • In-house laboratory. Biochemistry, haematology, microscope and urinalysis.
  • Dentistry. Specialist dental equipment, ultrasound and high speed polishing.

We have boarding facilities available to accommodate your cat or dog should he/she need to be monitored post-surgery or simply while you are not at home. Our goal is to keep your pet comfortable and happy.

Examinations are essential

A thorough examination allows us to pinpoint diseases before they develop. Palpation of your pet from head to toe gives us the opportunity to locate not only unwanted guests but allow us to feel internal organs that may be abnormally enlarged or other serious abnormalities. Touch is the most developed tool in our arsenal of diagnostic instruments. Naturally we do recommend having blood work processed yearly, similar to what your own doctor recommends, as this also provides us with valuable information that can only be retrieved through in-depth analysis.


We aim to provide you with an efficient and safe repeat prescriptions service for pets on long term medication. To help us to achieve this we would ask you to contact us 24 hours before you require the medication or food. This will allow our vets to check the prescriptions and have it ready for your collection when you arrive at the surgery.

For good clinical care of our patients the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recommends regular check ups for animals on long-term medication. All pets on long term prescriptions have 3-6 monthly check ups, depending on the condition.

These regular checks allow us to make sure that there are no complications with the medication your pet has been prescribed and to adjust the treatment accordingly.

Flea and worm medicines can be dispensed as long as we have seen your pet at our surgery once. If not then please arrange to see one of our nurses at a nurse clinic for a free flea/worm check. We can weigh your pet and arrange for the appropriate medicines to be dispensed.

You may also request a prescription from your veterinary surgeon to obtain medicines from another pharmacy.

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