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Barbara Millar

Veterinary Nurse

Barbara Millar
Barbara Millar RVN Veterinary Nurse

I have had the privilege of working in Millburn for 11 years and consider it my second family. I am the girl who looks forward to going to work and being part of the wonderful team. My passion at work is cats, kittens, moggies, short hair or long hair, pedigree or domestic – anything with whiskers that purrs. My love of felines stems from an early age, taming feral cats, on my grand-parents’ farm.

In 2013 I won the NI student Veterinary nursing award for hand rearing and re-homing unwanted and stray kittens. I have lost count of the number I have homed over the years and it’s great when I see them coming in and out of the surgery. I hope to specialise in feline behavior and now juggle work and re-homing with my young son.